Thanks to Ami and Core Energetics, most days I can see who I am, which has been particularly momentous since most of my life I have felt unseen ~ by others and by myself. To have that understanding of myself and the life I want, to feel ALL my feelings and open my eyes to the beauty in the world is not only liberating but life-saving.  

Thank you, Ami!

Over the years, as both a Mental Health professional and therapy client, I have become familiar with a wide variety of therapies. I have found Core Energetics and my own work with Ami to be deeply transformational. The integration of mind, body, and spirit through this work has had a powerful impact on my life.


In addition, I have referred many of my clients to Ami and have witnessed the incredible impact this work has had on their lives.  While many other therapies help clients with "feeling better", by gainging insight and making change, I have found that Core Energetics also brings about true healing. I now experience more freedom and an amazing expansion in so many areas of my life. I have more energy and clarity and my work is less stressful, I take better care of myself, my relationships are more intimate and I find more joy on a daily basis. I have been able to make changes with grace and live more authentically. 


Having experienced all this for myself, I have recommended Ami and Core Energetics to others seeking a deeper level of transformation. Ami's compassionate presence creates a safe and supportive therapeutic space to move through the difficult places into more freedom and self-love. 

In 30 years of talk therapy I have never felt it to be very effective. Finally, I found Ami and Core Energetics therapy and it is really helping me!

I will not say that the work we have done together has been easy. Some days I didn't want to go, didn't want to feel the feelings buried deep in my body. But I went anyway, and I've found that the person I've uncovered is not only worth it, but quite a remarkable human being. I could not say that about myself when we first began.

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