"My stress level went down from a 7 to a 2 out of 10!

I can't believe how much we accomplished in an hour. It was like going on a journey, now I feel so open and relaxed, it was so worth the time and energy.I wish everyone could experience this!"

​​​​​​​Stress Busters! Participant

Calming Connections ~
Personalized stress relief support so you can feel more at ease and balanced during these difficult times.
As we all know the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress are tremendous. I'm offering a new stress relief support package which offers these services:
  • You will be supported in each session from a holistic perspective; 
                body, mind and spirit through your sharing how you are feeling,                      movement suggestions and mindfulness practices personalized                     just for you.
  • You will be helped and guided as you identify why some situations may be especially triggering and lead to more stress than others and how to prevent them.
Let's find the best, most healthy way to stay calm and connected with yourself and others, so you can be calmer, more balanced and at ease.
The package includes:
3 - 40 minute online sessions 
A special rate of $147 a value of $247
All 3 sessions are to be taken within 30 days with an option to renew your package at the discounted rate.
Please contact me here to register and for more information.

Happy Stress Busters! 

American Family Insurance Team Building Group

Many of us spend most of the day in our heads feeling a lot of anxiety and stress.

It can feel like we our dragging our bodies around, disconnected and lacking energy.


Let’s change all that and feel better right now!

Come join Ami Isett, CCEP for this fun 60 minute Mind-Body Class. Through movement, mindfulness and meditation you will learn how to relieve

stress, release tension in your body and feel more energized. 


Ami’s practice of Core Energetics will help you unlock held energy in your body so you can feel centered, creative, your mind clearer and more ready 

to face life’s challenges. Prepare to have fun and de-stress at the same time!


You will take home with you many tools and techniques to help 

you relieve stress anytime, anywhere.

Interested in hosting a Stress Busters! Class?

Classes are custom designed for your participants

Where: At your business, group or organization as part of your

health & wellness offerings.

When: At a time and day of your choosing. Ami will come to your location 

or host @ her studio.

Please contact Ami to set up a Stress Busters! experience.

email: amieisett@gmail.com or call; 773-531-3761

See what people are saying about Stress Busters!



I feel so much better, happier and more energized since taking your Stress Busters! Class. I will go back to work so much clearer and really refreshed. ~MK - Skokie 


I feel revitalized and can get back to work and do my job better than I did before your class.~ AP - Chicago


Dear Ami, I would like to personally thank you for conducting your Stress Busters! class at our public accounting firm. As you can imagine, we are often dealing with stressful tax deadlines. Your class, right after one of those deadlines, was the perfect way to unwind. You gave us an opportunity to escape the office and focus on ourselves and well-being. Everyone who attended commented on how the simple movements you provided were stress relievers. Some of these movements have become part of my daily routine. Thanks again for sharing your energy, wisdom, and knowledge. We’d love to have you come back after our next deadline. ~Judy Mason, Partner, Michael Silver


I came to class with a headache and lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. Now, I feel like my real self, whole and embodied! ~Amy Smith, Manager YWCA -Chicago


Hi Ami, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your visit yesterday and the stress techniques you taught us were amazing.  I finally slept through the night for a change.  That is HUGE for me. Today I continue to breathe and bend my knees when talking to someone and of course some of the exercises were a hoot. ~ AF - Skokie



Several Businesses that have hosted Stress Busters!


East Bank Club, Chicago

West Monroe Partners, Chicago

American Family Insurance, Oakbrook

Michael Silver Accounting, Skokie 

Industrious Offices, Evanston

NSM Management, Skokie

YWCA Metropolitan, Chicago

Complete Chiropractors & Rehab, Evanston


From Anxious and Frustrated to Calm and Capable
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