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  • Core Energetics is a body-mind practice that empowers your sense of aliveness, self-awareness and connection to your body. 

  • It inspires you to create the life you long for by unblocking held energy and transforming patterns of behavior that keep you feeling stuck and unhappy.

  • Somatic Release encourages deeper insights to come forward faster to allow for more options and choices in one's life leading to lasting change.

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Ami Isett, CCEP, RACP

 Ami is a certified Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness Practitioner. These modalities are Somatic/Body Psychotherapy Practices. She sees clients individually, as couples and works with groups online and in person.  

A client's reflections on her journey with Ami~

Since the first moment I stepped into Ami's studio, I knew it was the place for me ... this was the method that would help me grow and transform into the person I know I always wanted to be! 

I started working with Ami through a recommendation from a friend who was her client. I was literally frozen; it was hard for me to fully breathe into my body and really feel my feelings. I could not do the things I wanted to do. It was hard for me to make choices that would serve me, Ami helped me do just that. My marriage, job and relationships were challenging and I needed to change in order to live my best life.

Over the years Ami helped me undo the knots that were holding me down. I have learned to be flexible in my mind, body and spirit, to adapt and shift, and to let go of things that hold me back from being my real self. I have given up the word ‘but’; now there is only &/And. I can hold several perspectives at the same time with kindness and understanding towards myself and others.
Ami integrates a wide variety of modalities where she pulls from several traditions and styles to form her own way of working with individual clients and in groups. On every step of this journey Ami has been there with her creative methods to help me see and listen to my own self. I am grateful I walked in to her studio that day. Thank you Ami!      Client LN ~Chicago