• Core Energetics is a body-mind practice that empowers your sense of aliveness, self-awareness and connection to your body. 

  • It inspires you to create the life you long for by unblocking held energy and transforming patterns of behavior that keep you feeling stuck and unhappy.

  • Somatic Release encourages deeper insights to come forward faster to allow for more options and choices in one's life leading to lasting change.

Letting Go!

with Radical Aliveness                  

Saturday, March 14th from 
1pm to 3:30pm in Evanston

Ami Isett, CCEP, RACP

 Ami is a certified Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness Practitioner. She sees clients individually, as couples and works with groups in the Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness modalities. 

A Core Energetics Chicago Workshop

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