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  • Core Energetics is a body-mind practice that empowers your sense of aliveness, self-awareness and connection to your body. 

  • It inspires you to create the life you long for by unblocking held energy and transforming patterns of behavior that keep you feeling stuck and unhappy.

  • Somatic Release encourages deeper insights to come forward faster to allow for more options and choices in one's life leading to lasting change.

Ami Isett, CCEP, RACP

 Ami is a certified Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness Practitioner. These modalities are Somatic/Body Psychotherapy Practices. She sees clients individually, as couples and works with groups online and in person.  

Try a new offering with Ami:

The Self Love Labyrinth

~A Radical Aliveness Workshop 
Finding your way towards a more self loving heart connection through compassion, insight and grace.
Saturday, April 17th from 12pm - 3pm CDT

Yes, self love is so vitally important to us as human beings. It sounds so simple to some people, but for many of us we weren’t taught how to do it, feel it, know it and the impact it can have in our lives when we embrace it.

No, it’s not about being conceited, or narcissistic. It’s about, a caring and active compassion towards ourselves. Yes, it creates a healthy sense of self empowerment and ultimately, self responsibility. I think of these as skills that we need to stay balanced, to thrive and flourish as conscious, healthy human beings. 

Where does the labyrinth come in? A definition I like of labyrinth is; a complicated irregular network of passages in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze. Many of us have had a hard time learning how to navigate a path to our own hearts for our well being. We are often redirected, encouraged, threatened and coerced not to go towards self love. It can be tricky, unnerving and sometimes a challenging journey to find it because of what we were taught as children.

For example, I was socialized to think that love should go out towards others first, but what happens when we can only feel love of self if we receive it from another person? Or perhaps as a result of an accomplishment, task or deed done? Often the desire to be loved can be fueled externally instead of internally. We then crave and need love, approval and recognition with a desperation that can drive others away instead of bringing them closer. Many of us have experienced this dynamic, role or pattern at one time or another in our lives in one way or another.

In this RA workshop we will discover more about the messages you received growing up around self love. Do we come from an individual or communal system? Were the messages based on our gender, race, religion or politically related? How do these elements/energies factor in to our current desires for ourself? How has the last year challenged us regarding

our connection to our capacity to love ourselves and to be in relationship with others at the same time?


Let’s explore these and other questions in this experiential workshop where we will take this journey together to "The Self Love Labyrinth " in a holistic way; mind, body and spirit. The workshop will be guided by a somatic approach using the transformative group practice of Radical Aliveness. The principles of Radical Aliveness will guide us through the process of discovery around claiming our essence and the feelings that come forward, they are the following; 

  • A Non Shaming Heart

  • Being Open to Multiple Perspectives

  • Saying Yes to Everything

  • Knowing I don’t Know 

  • Willing to be Changed

We welcome you to bring your curiosity with you on this journey and to do so with fellow travelers. In a group forum we can notice how our socialization and inculturation inform our judgement and acceptance of our true feelings and those of others. 

We'll also invite you to bring your pleasure, a bit of fun and laughter with you to the workshop:)) This 3 hour workshop will be held online on Zoom. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in and have a journal to write in for writing prompts and reflections.

If you have any questions please contact Ami at and 773-531-3761. Visit for more information

Feel free to invite anyone you think might be interested in this topic, everyone is welcome. You will receive a Zoom link before the workshop, after you have registered on this Eventbrite link.


I’m so looking forward to finding more self love together! ~ All my best ~Ami

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